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High-Tech, High Efficiency of Enterprises in the same Industry


Company products R & D capability:The company technology center laboratory, set  the standard issue information room, room, automation of electromechanical hydraulic laboratory, vehicle design and new product development department. A senior engineering and technical personnel more than 100 people, the industry technology leader of more than a dozen. 1998-2012 year development of new practical fire more than 100 kinds, won more than sixty national patents. More than 95% of the product contains patented technology. Emergency Rescue Vehicle,BA Supply  Fire Truck,Smoke Ventilation and Light Fire Truck, Fire Robot, Rescue Robot,Water Supply System ETC. High-tech products accounted for the domestic fire truck market, and has more than 20% products successfully into the international market.

The company production and quality control ability: 78000 square meters standard production manufacturing area; 9000 square meters materials, semi-finished products warehouse. Four special production line for modular fire truck,annual production capacity of 500 vehicles. 1999 to 2012 average annual growth of 150%. Normalization professional and technical staff training, advanced detection equipment, scientific quality management system ISO9001 and the method to realize the product quality and process to continuously upgrade the level. In 2008, our company according to GJB standards organization of production and product quality control, to further improve the production quality control.

Process capability of equipment: the company existing production equipment 228 units, including 10 CNC machining equipment, precision equipment 28 units, general machine equipment 80 units, electronic instrumentation equipment 60 units, large baking room 4 pcs. In addition,our  company also has the process specification, including casting, machining, sheet metal, assembly etc..

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