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    Truck introduction Description
    Based on local chassis, foam capacity upto 24000L, installed with a transfer pump with flow rate upto 30l/s, plus a fully automatic postive foam proportioner. 1,Crew member 2 person, top speed ≥90km/h, oil tank capacity:300L, for 6hrs continous pump Operation.
    2,Single cab, 2 person.
    3,Foam Pump flow rate: 30L/s at 1.0MPa.
    4,One set foam refilling system to be installed on the right side of the truck, 5Pcs. foam Suction tubes to be provided.
    5,One set foam transfer system to be installed on the left side of the truck, 4 or 5 sets of Foam proportioning system to be provided.
    6,Fully automatic foam proportioning system: 1%-8%.